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BGFM Global develops projects for the worldwide spread of the Gospel.









Training Leaders

BGFM-related educational institutions.

Training Leaders

The Maranatha Seminary and Bible Institute (SIBIMA) has taught sound Biblical theology since 1949, equipping servants for God's harvest field.

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Carolina University (USA)
Carolina University.jpg

Carolina University (previously Piedmont International University) aims to provide a well-rounded education based on Biblical principles to produce servant leaders who effectively teach and communicate Bible truth.

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Bible Seminary of the South
Bible Seminary of the South.jpg

The Southern Biblical Seminary, in the city of Novo Hamburgo, seeks to teach the authoritative Word revealed by God Himself. We are training pastors and leaders for the future of the church in south Brazil.

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Aubrey Clark (CE)

The Aubrey Clark Institute is designed for students having a bachelor's degree who desire to pursue additional Biblical studies.


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Antioch Bible Institute

The Antioch Bible Institute, located in the northwest region of the state of Ceará, has for several decades faithfully taught the Holy Scriptures.

Contact Antioch Bible Institute

Thompson Biblical Theological Seminary
The Thompson Biblical Theological Semina

Thompson Biblical Theological Seminary is a conservative institution, founded March 1, 1968, in the city of Umuarama, PR. It is affiliated with the Union of Biblical Fundamental Congregational Churches of Brazil-UICFB.

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Clarks Summit (USA)

BGFM partners with Clarks Summit University, which has developed a program to provide Brazilians easier access to Ph.D. courses in Biblical studies.

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Hope Bible Institute

Hope Bible Institute was established to provide conservative theological education in the city of Maceió, Alagoas.

Contact Hope Bible Institute

Biblical Evangelization Seminary

For increased knowledge of the Word of God, the Biblical Evangelization Seminary offers lectures, seminars, modules and other resources for growth in all areas of knowledge.

Church Planting

Church Planting


“Sing to the Lord, bless his name;

tell of his salvation from day to day.

Declare His glory among the nations,

His marvelous works among all the peoples!”

Psalm 96:2-3

Below are the vision 2050 Action Steps which seek intentional expansion in every field of the Mission:


Strategic Planting
  • Advanced Planning 

  • Survey Trips

  • Key Locations


Strategic Preparing
  • Education Partnerships

  • Regional Ministry Training Institutes

  • Online Training Courses


Strategic Printing
  • Evangelism Materials

  • Discipleship Materials

  • Leadership Training Materials 


Strategic Recruiting
  • Retreats 

  • Conventions

  • Colleges & Seminaries

  • Invitational Survey Trips


Strategic Investing
  • Funding National Church Planters

  • Funding Training Ministries

We are committed to making disciples of all nations, beginning with Portuguese-speaking populations.

We envision significantly impacting the spread of the Gospel by forming multi-national church-multiplying teams which: make disciples, develop leaders, and plant churches all around the world.

Vision 2050 within Brazil


1. Expansion & multiplication in ALL of our fields
2. Advancement into:

  • State of Piauí by 2022

  • Uragaiana in RS by 2023

  • State of Minas Gerais by 2025

  • State of Rio de Janeiro by 2025

  • State of Mato Grosso

  • State of Goias

  • German populations

  • Italian populations

  • Japanese populations

Vision 2050 Internationally

  • Western Cuba by 2021

  • Mozambique by 2022

  • Japan by 2024

  • Portugal to Spain by 2025

  • Brazilian populations in USA by 2027

  • Southern Brazil to Uruguay and Argentina by 2028

  • Germany by 2030

  • Angola by 2030

  • Italy by 2035

  • Six remaining Portuguese speaking nations by 2040

  • Muslim populations by 2050

Global Outreach

BGFM Global views Brazil as a country with great missionary-producing potential. We desire to train and send missionaries from Brazil to other countries needing the Gospel of Christ.

Some target regions are Europe, South America, Africa, and the Middle East. As God opens doors, we envision further expansion as well. The scope of BGFM Global has already reached the following fields:


Grande Lisboa - Pr. Adil and Érica Reis


Mercosul: (field survey being conducted)

Interior of Argentina, Uruguai (near Brazilian border), Paraguai, Venezuela

Global Outreach

Support Ministries

Our mission teams stand ready to assist the national church through various types of ministry.


  • Organizing and running a Christian school

  • Organizing and running a Seminary or Bible Institute

  • Library training

  • Training for writing and publishing Christian Education material

  • Training for Sunday School teachers

  • Training for children’s ministry (VBS, Bible teaching in public schools)

  • Training for women’s ministry



  • Family conference

  • Home schooling support

  • Support for parents who have lost children



  • Music conference

  • Choir and orchestra training



  • English teaching evangelism

  • Sports evangelism

  • Hospital evangelism

  • Internet evangelism

  • Evangelism and discipleship of children



  • Missionary

  • Church planting in one’s own country

  • Cross-cultural church planting

Crianças, leitura, santissimo, bíblia
Support Ministries
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