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Missionaries - Brazil

Suermanns Prayer Card PHOTO 2021 (1).jpg

Josh & Anna Suermann

Araçatuba, São Paulo

Joshua and Christine met at Calvary Bible College (Calvary University). Joshua was born and raised in St. Louis, MO and Christine was a missionary kid born in Brazil. During their time in College, God was confirming their calling to full time ministry in Brazil. Although their calling was the same throughout college, their interest in each other only developed the last few months before graduation. Christine went back to Brazil, and after a 2 year long-distance relationship they got married in Aracatuba, Sao Paulo in December 2013. Since then they have had 5 children and have worked to stay true to God’s calling by paying off all student debts, staying active in their local church, and now joining BGFM Global in April, 2018.

Joshua and his family moved to Brazil in 2021.

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