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Missionaries - Brazil

Jonathan & Denielle

Palhoça, Santa Catarina

Secretary for Executive Committee

Jonathan serves as a pastor and church planter at Igreja Bíblica Cambirela. He is also the secretary for the Executive Committee. Danielle serves as a pastor’s wife, mother, and women’s ministry leader.

Joined BGFM: January 2004

Instagram: @ibc.palhoca

Jon Johnson 2021 Family Photo.jpeg
The Johnson Family

Jonathan and Denielle work in the Florianopolis area of Santa Catarina in South Brazil. They moved into the city to begin church planting in January of 2016. The Florianopolis metropolitan area has a population of 1 million people. Like most Brazilian cities, there are churches on almost every street but strikingly few that are faithfully preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Together with our team, we are planting the Igreja Biblica Cambirela in Palhoça, the third largest city in the Florianopolis metroplex.

  As an island city, Floripa is a destination for vacationers from all over South America. IBC has people attending from 4 different nationalities. As a governmental, tech, and educational hub, the city has attracted people from all regions of Brazil in search of work and a better opportunity. Beyond the capital is a state of almost 8 million people facing a deficit of biblical teaching and healthy churches. 

  Jonathan and Denielle arrived in Brazil at the end of 2008 with their oldest daughter ElliAnna. After moving to South Brazil in 2009 and finishing language school, they helped in church plants in Campo Bom and Estância Velha until the end of 2015. Carter and Noella were both born in Rio Grande do Sul.

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