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Missionaries - Brazil

Eriomar & Daniele Maia

Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil

Joined BGFM: January 2019

Sending church: Igreja Bíblica Batista Esperança em Clima Bom (Hope Bible Baptist Church in Clima Bom) in Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil

Field: Fortaleza, Ceará (January 1999 - January 2004); Maceió, Alagoas (January 2004 - January 2018); Aracaju, Sergipe (January 2018 - present)


Second secretary, social media manager in Brazil

First ministry: member of the pastoral team at Igreja Bíblica no Parque Santa Rosa (Parque Santa Rosa Bible Church) in Fortaleza, Ceará (January 1999)

Academic History:​ 

  • SIBIMA (Maranatha Seminary & Bible Institute)
    Bachelor’s in Pastoral Studies

  • Palavra da Vida (Brazilian ministry translated Word of Life)
    Master’s in Pastoral Ministry

  • Dallas Theological Seminary
    Doctorate in Ministry with Emphasis in Leadership (in progress)

How He Serves:​ 

  • Training others on how to start seminaries

  • Missions conferences

  • National church planting conferences

  • Cross-cultural church planting conferences

  • Family conferences

  • Couples ministry

Where he serves: churches, seminaries, Bible institutes




Academic History:​ APEC (Child Evangelism Fellowship in Brazil) Children’s ministry teacher

How She Serves: Children’s ministry


I am Eriomar Maia. I have been married for 21 years to Daniele and God gave us two gifts: Damaris (17) and John (12). I have been the pastor of a Bible church in Maceio for 13 years. 

In October of 1994, by faith I made a decision to follow the Lord Jesus Christ, recognizing that I was a sinner and needed Christ to forgive my sins and to have eternal life.


In 1995, I met my wife (Daniele) and we got married. God gave us our first gift – Dâmaris in 1999 and the second gift in 2005 – João Marcos. 


In the same year that I got married we started our theological studies at SIBIMA (Maranatha Seminary and Bible Institute). At that time I was able to put in practice everything I was learning at the Seminary. I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Pastoral Sciences in December 2002. Even as a seminarian I was invited by my church (Bible Church in Fortaleza-Ceará) to be involved in full-time ministry as an elder.  I served for four years (1999-2004).

In 2004 there was a major change for my family (a new experience). The missionaries (Daniel Anderson and Roger Johansen) invited us to work at the Bible Church in Maceió located in another state in Northeast Brazil where we now have been for 13 years.

A Bible Institute was established in the local church, where a team of pastors/missionaries (Roger Johansen, Dan Anderson, David Eldert, João de Deus, David Menezes, Phill Stucky, Aézio Moura and others from Fortaleza and the United States) prepare workers for God's work. Together with this team we planted churches in the State of Alagoas and the capitol, Maceió. During this time of discipleship ministry, leadership training, and church planting, I wanted to study more of God’s Word and did so by taking a Master of Ministry Degree.  I wanted to continue to live and teach with excellence, the Word of God in the local Church and in our institute.

Praise the Lord, this master's degree was completed in December 2016. 


I praise the Lord for the skills He has given us to serve in the local church. We have worked in many areas such as: Children, Youth, Adults, teaching, counseling, visitation, evangelistic Bible studies, discipleship, expository preaching and leadership training.


  Since 2010, God began working in my heart to serve Him as a missionary, planting churches in another State in the Northeast - Sergipe. This is an extremely needy field for the Gospel. It is the second least evangelized state in Brazil. Since then we have visited this field several times.


Our plans to serve God in Sergipe are as follows: Prepare the family, the church, people with commitment to prayer and people with commitment for our support. Our mission in Sergipe: Make contacts, Lead people to Christ, Disciple new believers and Plant churches. Our initial needs: Moving our furniture, a house to live in, school for the children and support for the ministry. 


Pray for us and our ministry in the Aracaju-Sergipe!

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