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Missionaries - Brazil

Eriomar & Daniele Maia

Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil

Joined BGFM Global: January 2019

Sending church: Igreja Bíblica Batista Esperança em Clima Bom (Hope Bible Baptist Church in Clima Bom) in Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil

Field: Fortaleza, Ceará (January 1999 - January 2004); Maceió, Alagoas (January 2004 - January 2018); Aracaju, Sergipe (January 2018 - present)


Second secretary, social media manager in Brazil

First ministry: member of the pastoral team at Igreja Bíblica no Parque Santa Rosa (Parque Santa Rosa Bible Church) in Fortaleza, Ceará (January 1999)

Academic History:​ 

  • SIBIMA (Maranatha Seminary & Bible Institute)
    Bachelor’s in Pastoral Studies

  • Palavra da Vida (Brazilian ministry translated Word of Life)
    Master’s in Pastoral Ministry

  • Dallas Theological Seminary
    Doctorate in Ministry with Emphasis in Leadership (Now Completed. I praise God.)

How He Serves:​ 

  • Training others on how to start seminaries

  • Missions conferences

  • National church planting conferences

  • Cross-cultural church planting conferences

  • Family conferences

  • Couples ministry

Where he serves: churches, seminaries, Bible institutes




Academic History:​ APEC (Child Evangelism Fellowship in Brazil) Children’s ministry teacher

How She Serves: Children’s ministry

Eriomar and Daniel 2023.jpg

I am Eriomar Maia. I was saved by the grace of Jesus Christ in 1994. In addition to the gift of salvation, God has given me three precious gifts: my wife Daniele, whom I have been married since 1995, and my two children, Damaris and John. 


Looking back, I can identify three phases during my Christian life: 


The first phase - formation. I was discipled and trained for ministry by godly men in the local church and at Brazil's finest seminary (SIBIMA).

The second phase - pastoral ministry. I spent 19 years shepherding the local church (discipling and training others) in the cities of Fortaleza and Maceió.

The third phase - church planting. Today, we have been serving in missionary ministry in Aracaju (Northeast Brazil) since 2018. I have the joy of seeing God saving sinners and starting a new church.


It is a privilege to participate in God's grace in action in all phases of ministry.

I am also very grateful to be part of the BGFM Global family and its vision to assist the Local Church in local and global ministry.

Your support for us and our ministry is greatly appreciated.

Eriomar and Daniel 2023.jpg
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