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Missionaries - Brazil

Elisabeth (Ellie) Driesenga

Sapiranga, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Ellie has been serving with BGFM Global since September, 1999.


​A native of Northern California, Ellie was blessed to grow up in a Christian home in which there was a strong emphasis on missions. At the age of five her family moved to Michigan to be near extended family. While there, her father finished seminary and entered the ministry returning the family to California when she was eleven. It was not until she was about fifteen or sixteen that Ellie gave her life to the Lord through the influence of her father, as youth pastor. After she finished High School her parents asked her to attend Bible School for a year before going to a secular college so Ellie attended Cornerstone Bible Institute. While there, during the first year, the Lord directed her into full time ministry when she realized that there is no better way she could invest her life. In the second year she was introduced to BGFM and the needs for the gospel in Brazil. After graduation in May, 1999 and three years of deputation she arrived in Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil on September 5, 2002.


She served in Fortaleza from September, 2002 through November, 2009 in many different ministries, such as church planting, discipleship and counseling, Assistant Treasurer (later Field Treasurer), camp ministries, children’s ministries, deaf ministries, teaching violin, and assisting at the local seminary. In November, 2009, Ellie joined the Southern Brazil team in Rio Grande do Sul, moving to Campo Bom where she lived and served until July, 2018. She then transitioned to the church plant in Sapiranga. She is currently attending Ministerio Biblico de Sapiranga (the Sapiranga Bible Ministry), in Sapiranga. Her current ministries include: Field Treasurer, church planting, discipleship and counseling, children’s ministries, and assisting in the Evangelistic Outreach Ministry "Life Center".

Birthday: January 27


Academic history: Master’s in Ministry (May 2019)


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