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Missionaries - Brazil

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Nancy Eldert

Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil

Birthday: January 30


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Dave Eldert went to Brazil in 1966 as a short term missionary for eight months. He then returned to the US and married his fiancée Sue Martin. After graduating from Calvary Bible College, Dave and Sue joined BGFM Global and arrived in Brazil in 1972, along with their daughters Kathleen and Paulette.

After language school, they worked in Pedra Branca, Ceará. Besides church planting, Dave was involved in the radio ministry and TEE classes. Andrew and Regina were born during their first term in Brazil. Sue home schooled all four children. In 1986 Dave and Sue moved to Vila Paraguai to be involved in the Antioch Bible Institute (ABI). Dave was director until 2007. Besides their work at ABI, they became very involved with Silver Lake Bible Camp where he was director until 2013.


In 2002 Sue discovered she had breast cancer. Even after chemo and radiation, the cancer returned and in September 2008 Sue went to be with the Lord.


Information about the family: Jared and Kathleen live in Winston-Salem, NC, and have Daniele and Victoria. Daniele married JC and has two children – Luana and Miguel; Vitoria married Ethan and has Hunter and Waylan. David and Paulette also live in Winston-Salem and have Tyler, Katelyn, and Zachery. Andrew and Edinha live in Winston Salem and have three sons. Adriel is currently working in Kansas City in roofing; Anderson married Bia in November 2018 and is working on her visa to go to the US to live; and Kelvin who is 11. Daniel and Regina live in Spartanburg, SC, and have Greyson and Elaina. They are all involved in their church’s ministries.


Nancy Lieb was born to missionary parents Ed and Jane Lieb. She studied at Bryan College, worked at Varig Airlines in Fortaleza, worked at BGFM’s home office as secretary, graduated from Calvary Bible College before going to Brazil in 1986 as a career missionary. Nancy has been involved with SIBIMA Seminary, served as Field Treasurer, helped with missionary documents, worked with Priscila School (an annual training seminary for women) and served as guest house hostess.


In 2012 David and Nancy were invited to work in Maceió, AL. They moved there in August 2014. Dave went as a Mentor to the Brazilian pastors who were working in the four churches in Alagoas. His responsibilities have involved teaching in the Bible Institute, teaching Sunday school to the teens, and teaching on a rotation basis on Wednesday nights; and preaching on some Sunday nights. He is working on translating a book into Portuguese as well as other translations. He is working on a Greek course to use with the institute students. He and Nancy both are involved in helping the church treasurers establish good fiscal procedures. They are also involved in the Awana program at the church. They have returned to Ceará to help in the Priscila School in Jijoca. Nancy is involved in taking people to doctor appointments; helping in the women’s ministry; teaching in the Sunday school (pre-adolescents). One of their projects is purchasing computers to sell to pastors, institute students and church members at cost.

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