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Missionaries - United States

Andre & Cassia


Assistant to the Director

Andre Tavares was born in Brazil and saved at 18 at a Word of Life Camp in Recife, Northeast Brazil. He became a Word of Life Missionary and directed two of their camps, one in Recife and the other one in Curitiba, South Brazil. Andre became a Youth and Mission Pastor full time in 2008, pastoring Bacacheri Baptist Church for ten years before accepting the invitation to come and Direct the Portuguese Programs at CU. He is now married to Cassia, a Psychologist, and has two children, Amanda and Rafael. Andre went to a Military School in Brazil for his high school years and then to a Military Academy and became an officer (Platoon Commander) in the Army. He received his Bachelor's Degree from Tennessee Temple University, which is now merged with CU, and his ThM from the Paraná Baptist University in Curitiba, Brazil. Andre also received a Certificate of Advanced Leadership from Haggai Institute in Singapore.

Teaching Specialization:

  • Missions

  • The Person of Jesus

  • Theology


Ministry and Academic Experience:

  • Missionary (Camp Director) - Word of Life Fellowship

  • Professor - Faculdades Batista do Paraná

  • Professor - Betânia Seminary

  • Youth, College and Career, Young Adults and Missions Pastor - Bacacheri Baptist Church

Andre and Cassia Tavares
The Tavares Family
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