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Here We Stand! 

In today’s religious world it is necessary to clearly state one’s position. Especially is this true of mission societies. Because missions are an arm of the church, and because they draw their support and recruit their workers from the local church, it is necessary that the stand of a mission be clearly identified. 

The doctrinal statement of the Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission makes plain the sound fundamental theological position of the mission. We gladly fellowship together and work with one another on this solid basis. 

However, more than once, missionaries, home council members and new candidates are asked, “Where does the mission stand concerning the ecumenical program? Does your mission cooperate with the World Council of Churches program on the field?” 

Although it may not be possible to answer all such inquiries in a brief and simple statement, we endeavor to make clear our stand. 


The Field of Council of the Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission at their meeting in July 1963, passed a resolution stating that, “this body stands for the fundamentals of the faith, eschewing liberalism, modernism, neoevangelicalism and all other groups which favor ecumenism and which detract from the faith once for all delivered to the saints.” 


This resolve we re-affirm today. 

It is the desire of this mission to be faithful to our Lord until He returns. 

Evangelism and church planting in Northeast Brazil have been, and continue to be, our first responsibility. We shall use every legitimate means to accomplish our God-given task. But compromise in essential, fundamental doctrinal matters is for us a wrong course to follow. 


From time to time new moods and movements come and go on the religious scene. We therefore, reject the ecumenical proposals to cooperate in programs and projects that remove the clear line of separation between believer and unbeliever. 

We also reject the teaching of the modern charismatic movement, which we believe involves many sincere Christians, but confuses the scriptural teaching and is used by the enemy to bring added confusion to the church of Jesus Christ. 

Here we stand! Still firmly committed to a strong, fundamental, Bible position. Still laboring to achieve our God given goals. Still determined, God helping us, to stand apart from the ecumenical program of cooperation with all religions. We stand, we believe, with Him Who stood without the camp. We must at times also bear with Him the reproach that He bore. 

We invite all truly saved people, who share our convictions to stand with us in prayer and financial support. 

Our ministries are many in the presentation of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations…” Matthew 28:19. We invite you to follow up your interest by contacting us.

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