Elaine Syers
   My husband, Paul was saved after serving eight years in the US Army, the last three spent overseas during World War 2. As a brand new believer he walked into the office of Dean Ryther of Bryan College, hoping to enroll. Though the college was already bursting at the seams with servicemen returning from the war, he said, “I slept on the ground in North Africa as a soldier. I can pitch my tent on your lovely campus here on Bryan Hill if you will just allow me to attend classes.”

That touched the heart of Dean Ryther who replied, “You come on and we’ll find somewhere to put you.”

That’s how God brought Paul and me together during my senior year at Bryan. Paul studied at what is now Calvary Bible College while I finished nurses training at Washington University in St. Louis and we spent three weeks sailing on a freighter to Brazil in March-April 1952.

Church planting in small villages was our ministry  until 1996 when we moved to Antioch Bible Institute to begin Paul’s vision of using the students to help him fit the students’ dorms with indoor bathrooms and kitchens. Paying students by the hour whenever they could fit work into their study schedules, he fixed walls, gates and porches for clothes washing and drying during rainy seasons.  We taught classes, took students to preach on outstations, doing whatever ABI directors--first Dave and Sue Eldert, then Jerry and Bev Lehrman--thought we could do.

In 2007, just 55 years after first going to Brazil, we returned to the United States where Paul died in 2014. In 2016 I am celebrating my 90th birthday, thanking the Lord that HE brought us so well through all these years.

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