Pr. Francisco Hélio and Shirlei have four children: David (20 years), Dayana (18 years), Debora (8 years), and Lidia (6 years). They have been serving in the pastoral ministry for 9 years. Pr. Hélio has served as president of Aibic (Association of 71 Bible Churches in Northeastern Brazil) since 2008. Both Helio and Shirlei are professors at Sibima (Maranata Bible Institute and Seminary), and have been since 2008. They have begun sharing the Ministry “Reaching the South of Brazil” since September, 2015 and have already shared in various churches in Ceará, Brazil and the United States with the goal of having the needed support to move by the end of 2016 and work full time in church planting in Taquara, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, a city in the Southern region of the country, a region extremely needy of the gospel. They count on your prayers.

Helio & Shirlei
The Souza Family

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