Three Stucky couples make up the ministry team in Mossoró. They are deeply involved in the Christ Is Life Church and the ALPHA Christian School. 

 Ken & Lori moved to Mossoró in 1993 to lay the ground work for the Church ministry. In 2000 the Alpha Educational Center was founded. 

 Ken is the school's executive director. He leads in the long range planning process, deals with hiring, chases down paper work and is constantly filing papers and seeking documents for the continuation of the school. He heads up the recruitment process for short and long term missionaries and makes frequent trips promoting church and school projects. 

 Lori is the coordinator of special events at school and heads up the music program at church. She teaches music and writes 2 programs each year to be presented by the student body for their relatives and friends. 


Ken & Lori
The Stuckys

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