Children:   Deb and Sam Dick, two children – Brian (April 28, 1994) & Andrew (January 22, 1997)
                  Ken  and Lori Stucky , three children – Jessica (March 4, 1993), Alicia (December 5,
                  1996) & Anabel (March 19, 2000)
                  Ron & Ranelle Stucky, three children – Caleb (October 06, 1999), Silas (August 29,
                  2004) & Jolene (June 18, 2006) 

   Joe was born in Monroe, Washington and Jeanie was born is Huron, South Dakota.  Both of them grew up in Christian homes, accepted Christ as their Savior as children and began serving in ministry in their churches at a young age.  

   Joe and Jeanie met at Grace Bible Institute (Now Grace University) In Omaha, NE.  Jeanie graduated in 1963 and they were married that summer.  Joe continued his studies and graduated in 1966.  Before they were married they had both dedicated their lives to missions and were especially interested in South America.  During Joe’s senior year, after hearing a presentation by a missionary from BGFM he became convinced that God was calling him to serve in Brazil.  Joe and Jeanie prayed about this together and then sent in their application and were accepted by the Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission.

   After graduation, they packed all of their earthly possessions into their car and the family which by now included 1 ½ year old Debbie,  began their deputation ministry.  One year later on June 22, 1967 they arrived in Brazil.

   Joe and Jeanie have been involved in church planting ministry ever since finishing language school.  They also both taught classes at the Antioch Bible Institute in an interior village in Ceará for several years.  During that time they founded Silver Lake Bible Camp.  Joe managed the construction of the camp and together, they directed the camp program for 17 years.  Their children were also very much involved with them in the camping program.   More recently, they moved to Mossoró, Rio Grande do Norte.  There they are working together with their 2 sons and their wives in the Christ is Life Church and the ALPHA Educational Center. 

   Please pray that God would use them to make a difference that will last for all eternity in the lives of the church people as well as the students at Alpha, their families and staff members.

Joe & Jeanie
The Stuckys

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