Edgar J. and Jane S. Lieb  were accepted as missionaries in December, 1947. They were married in July,1949 and went to Brazil in January, 1950.  They retired in December, 1997. They were involved in church planting in Granja, Sitio Boata (Fortaleza) & Nova Metropole (Fortaleza).

 Ed taught in the Sibima Seminary and the Antioch Bible Institute. He was the administrator in the construction of the mission grounds in Fortaleza. 

  Jane organized the Priscila School, and taught there as well as in the Sibima Seminary and the Antioch Bible Institute. 

  ChildrenJohn Case, married to Dorothy Hayes and living in Niceville, FL.  Lucy Jane is a missionary serving in Fortaleza, CE Brazil. Nancy Ruth and her husband Dave Eldert are missionaries serving at the Interior Antioch Bible Institute in Paraguay, Brazil.  Glenn is deceased.  Celia Ann is married to Keith Barrett and living in Gloster, MS.  David Bruce is living near Chicago, IL.

​* Our beloved friend and missionary, Jane Lieb, joined Ed and their Lord on June 8, 2019.
Ed & Jane Lieb

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