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We were accepted with the mission in 1987 -  We arrived in Brazil in November of 1989

Our ministries include:

Church planting in the city of Canindé   1990-1993

Church planting in the city of Mossoró   1994-1995

Church planting in the city of Limoeiro   1996-2005, 
also involved in planting a daughter work of the 
Limoeiro church in the city of Quixeré

Church planting in the city of Morada Nova   2005 - to present

 Our present ministry allocation is in the Lower Jaguaribe River Valley.  Our primary focus is a church plant in the city of Morada Nova.   We are also involved in a mentoring ministry in churches we were involved in planting in the cities of Limoeiro and Quixeré.  The Maanaim Campground is being developed to serve the region as a retreat center and mini Bible Institute for the region.  There are several cities in this region with very little Gospel Witness.  Our goal is to plant churches, and train those from within the planted churches to reach out and plant other churches in the region.


The Johnsons
Jim & Lydia, Calvin and Anna

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