After graduating with a degree in chemistry, Diego Lacerda began to teach chemistry and pursue biblical studies.  He studied at Maranatha Seminary and Bible Institute (Sibima) earning first a BA in Theology with an emphasis in missions and then a Master's degree in Systematic Theology (ThM).  He went on to complete an MDiv in Expository Preaching at the Bible School for Preachers and now teaches undergraduate courses at Sibima and the Charles Spurgeon School in Fortaleza.

  For the last four years, Diego and his wife Vanessa, have served in their church, Maranatha Bible Baptist Church (IBBM).  They work with children, adolescents, youth, and adults.  Vanessa, who holds a degree in Environmental Engineering, has served in AWANA while also working with teenagers and women of all ages.  The couple assisted IBBM in planting a church in the neighborhood Bom Jardim and in training new leaders.

The Lacerdas are now moving to southern Brazil to become a part of Phil and Rachel Stucky's team.  Diego and Vanessa's plan is to aid in church planting by taking the gospel to the region's German, Italian, and Gaúcho (Brazilian cowboy) populations.  Other goals include seeking out opportunities to evangelize Muslims and training future leaders.

Thank you for praying for them!


Diego & Vanessa Lacerda

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