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Chris & Jana Disler – Finance Director
   We praise the Lord for a successful spinal surgery for our daughter Karissa (13). She is recovering well and we return for a 2 month check-up at the end of July. Thank you for your prayers for her, and us, during this time and ask you to pray for a good checkup.

Adam & Hosanna Lancaster – Maceió  / US
   Grace Elizabeth Lancaster was born June 5th, 2018 at 7:08 a.m. weighing 7 lbs 4 oz. She is healthy and happy. Thank you so much for your prayers.

Ellie Driesenga  – Sapiranga
   Praise the Lord for a special time with my sister, brother, and his family in Europe this past month. Please pray for the short-term team coming July 11-24 to help out with our ministries. Pray for safety, good health, that the Lord would use this in the lives of each member of the team, and especially that lives would be impacted for Christ here in Southern Brazil.

Mark & Jessica Stucky – Sapiranga
   We look forward to helping host a missionary team from Michigan July 11-24. Pray that God would allow this to be a time of making many new evangelistic contacts within our city of Sapiranga. Pray that it would also be a catalyst and encouragement to the believers here as we prepare to launch the church plant.

Philip & Rachel Stucky – Campo Bom
   We praise the Lord that the Seminary module on The Christian Home was profitable. Pray for wisdom for the students to put into practice the things they learned. We also praise the Lord for a fruitful Biblical Counseling Conference. Our 4th Annual Missions Conference will be held on July 13-15 for our South Brazil churches and church plants. We praise the Lord for 5 young people who have sensed God’s call to serve on the mission field and pray that He would use the conference to raise up others to answer His call to missions.

Jerry & Bev Lehrman – Antioch Bible institute
  July is vacation month in Brazil, and that includes ABI. There are maintenance and upkeep projects to be completed. Lord willing, the reorganization process of ABI's library will be completed. We will also be involved in a Ladies Retreat at Silver Lake Bible Camp July 12-15; Bev is preparing 2 lessons to be given on the 12th and 13th. We will also host a short-term missions team from Kansas. Pray for wisdom and strength for each of these activities, and that God will be honored with the outcome. 

Ron & Ranelle Stucky – Mossoro
   This month, our family and Ranelle's mother have the privilege of visiting Ranelle's brother and family in Cameroon. Pray for good health and for us to be an encouragement to them in their missionary work there.  We also look forward to a 2 day sightseeing visit in Paris before heading to the USA.

Bruce & Lee Ann Nichols – Salvador, Bahia / US
   Praise the Lord with us for 41 years of the grace of God in our marriage. We were able to get together with 9 of our children, 6 of their spouses and 11 of our grandchildren. What a joyful day it was! Pray that Enoch and his family would be able to join us for our family reunion before we return to Brazil on August 13. Praise the Lord that Gerlan and Rita let us know that they are now free from a long-standing debt and pray for the birth of their baby, due in July.

Elisabeth Anderson – Maceió  / US
   I am still trying to get the necessary documents to return to Brazil for a second year; please pray for God's will to be done. Pray for safety as I visit family and friends all over the US this month, and that God will continue to grow and encourage "my girls”, especially Juliana, Renata, Sarha, and Vitória.

Bill & Sandi Graf – BGFM Rep’s (RGBI)
   Many of our students are ministering, literally, around the world. Some are in dangerous locations and situations. Please pray that they will be courageous and very sensitive to the leading of the Lord each day. Pray too for peace of heart for their family members in different countries.

Lucy Jane Lieb – Fortaleza  / US
   I have had a good trip to the US. A special blessing was attending the Conference of the Association of Christian Librarians. Pray as I return in mid-July and resume the work in the library.

Al & Nadine Pierschbacher – Fortaleza/Pacoti  / US
   Praise the Lord for new hearing aids for Nadine and Alisa and for opportunities to share in the US what God is doing in Brazil. We are thankful for safe travel and a reliable, easy-riding car for travel! Pray for more laborers and for Birch Teele, who will be doing his internship for 7-8 months with BGFM.

Dan & Linda Anderson – Executive Director
   Thank God with us for 24 hours together with all of our 7 children. Elisabeth & Micah spent the last year in Brazil and Uganda. Pray for Hannah as she travels with her college music team all summer. Also pray for Abigail, whose internship in Nicaragua was canceled because of unrest, and will now be in Taiwan. The summer includes 2 family weddings, 2 weeks of VBS, a week at the IFCA convention, and a week speaking at a Bible Camp.

Helio & Shirlei Costa de Sousa - Sapiranga
   Please pray that 3 new contacts, Jose, Wellington, and Douglas, may come to know Christ. Pray for nightly services in the city of Taquara, outreach to several young people (friends of our son David) who live in the city of Gramado, and VBS this month. May God continue filling our hearts with love for the lost.

SIBIMA Seminary – Fortaleza
   Next January we will be celebrating the 70th anniversary of SIBIMA. We are planning a week of conferences in gratitude to God for sustaining this ministry. Also at that time, we plan to launch a Bachelors' course in Theology via distance education.

Kelso & Karen Clark  - Ceará
   Karen thanks you for praying for her mother. She is much better in general, but still has problems swallowing (which makes eating a difficult thing), as well as with her voice. Karen is in the final steps of her thesis; please ask the Lord to help her with strength until the conclusion. Kelso thanks God for his ministerial opportunities in both church conferences and Bible schools. Pray that the Lord continues enabling him in all situations, and also for our financial support.

Jane Lieb – Retired
   I am thankful for visits from my children, John and Dot over Mother's Day, and Nancy and Lucy in June & July. I am thankful that I am walking better, sometimes only using the cane, and for my improved general health.

Priscila School – Teacher Training for Women
   During July we will be having sessions in Jijoca and Limoeiro do Norte. Pray that these sessions may be a blessing.

Wendell & Florence Ann Hayden – Retired
   Fourteen teens and some junior teens will take part in this summer's Christian Youth in Action ministry, holding 5-Day Bible Clubs from June 25 through August 3 in different places throughout the Kansas City metro. Please pray that kids who hear God's Word will be saved, and that God will use His Word in the lives of the teens who are teaching. Thank you for praying with us.

Ron & Nancy Johnson – Antioch Bible Institute / US
   Please be in prayer for our trip to Brazil, July - Oct 18. Pray for plans for numerous visits house to house in the interior and also hospital visits with our ministry team. We will be closing the house in Poco Doce; pray that we will receive documents which have been pending for a long time in a government land office and for the Lord's direction and provision for selling or renting - that we might have clear leading of His will.

Jim & Lydia Johnson – Morada Nova
   We praise the Lord for the blessings of participating in the Limoeiro Bible Church 20th year celebration. It is a blessing to see what God has done. We praise the Lord for the safe delivery of our granddaughter, Grace Elizabeth, to Adam and Anna. Pray for the Alto Santo church plant in the transition time of Raimundo leaving and Fabio coming. Pray for Fabio’s support.

Dave & Connie Johnson – Piedmont International University
   Praise for the privilege and opportunity to serve the Lord and that we can trust His direction and guidance for each step. Praise God for the long-term impact that His Word has had on many lives. Pray for the continuing translation work at Piedmont International University and that the Lord would raise up students for the M.A. in Ministry online course. Praise that God is providing additional staff, such as assistant professors. Pray for Connie, undergoing treatment for osteoarthritis condition of the knees.

                                                We appreciate your prayers.  Thank you!

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We appreciate your prayers.  Thank you!

July, 2018
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