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Brazilian Missionaries - Diego & Vanessa Lacerda
   We would like to ask you to thank God for everything He has done so far. Specific-ally, we would like you to thank Him for the way He has led His people to support us financially, and through prayer for our future ministry in South Brazil. In less than 2 months, we have reached just over 30% of the support that we need, along with more than half of our proposed moving costs. Pray that those who committed to supporting us will be faithful, and that new partner-ships will be formed.

David & Erin Bomboy – Missionary Appointees
   Please continue to pray for us as God builds our ministry team. We'll be traveling and making visits through the south-east (GA, AL, LA) in August, and we will be pre-paring to go to field conference in September. Thank you for praying!

Philip & Rachel Stucky – Campo Bom  
  Pray for wisdom for the Campo Bom Church as they bring a pastoral candidate on staff for eighteen months, to gain experience in ministry. Pray also for one of our children`s ministry missionaries, Darlene Alencar, who was unable to come and serve with us, being diagnosed with cancer. She is begin-ning treatment; pray for strength and healing.

Mark & Jessica Stucky – Sapiranga
  We appreciate your prayers as we adjust to life with a new little one in the house. Pray for wisdom and strength to serve our Lord faithfully at home, within our neighborhood, and at church. Pray as we seek to bring on a new Brazilian pastor (Pr. Anderson) to help with the work at Campo Bom Church. We are thankful for God's timing and perfect plan as we strive to walk by faith, trusting Him one day at a time.

Dave & Connie Johnson – Piedmont Intern’l University
  Praise that the work of the translation team is going well. Pray for wisdom as we proof-read the large amount of material for the on-line MA in Ministry course in Portuguese and that we can meet the deadline despite a slow start. Pray for Connie’s health; she had to go to the hospital once for emergency care. Pray for follow-up doctor appointments and tests. Praise for good reports from our church in Brazil; twelve were baptized in June.

Larry & Ruth Lipka – Retired
   Praise the Lord for His goodness day by day. Praise the Lord for the believers who are helping Darlene Alencar with transportation to her cancer treatments. Pray for strength for her to endure and for opportunities she has to share the Gospel with those doing the treatments.

Adam & Hosanna Lancaster – Maceio
  Pray for a couples’ retreat in mid-August; that the marriages in our church would grow strong in Christ. Pray also for the organization of the retreat.

Bill & Sandi Graf – BGFM Rep’s (RGBI)
  Classes begin, and in the busy time that al-ways accompanies the arrival of students Sandi and I must prepare for our Fall travels. Pray for wisdom for us all to know how to use time wise-ly, even as we wait on God to provide the vital personnel we lack.

Ken & Lori Stucky – Mossoro
  Preaching, teaching, administrative leader-ship, visits, music, and construction take up most of our time. Pray for each lesson and each personal contact to be used by God in the lives of those we minister to. Pray for us to be sensitive to His leading in our lives.

Jerry & Bev Lehrman – Antioch Bible institute/US
  We are praising the Lord for wonderful blessings and encouragement during our time in the USA these past months. Pray for us as we return to Brazil on August 2, that God would help us fit into, and bear fruit for Him, in the ministries He has for us there at Antioch Bible Institute, and opportunities to serve in local churches and at Silver Lake Bible Camp. We'd also like to ask for your intercession as our youngest, Jared, begins his first year at Pensacola Christian College on August 25.

Joe & Jeanie Stucky – Mossoro/US
  We are on the home stretch of our ministry reporting time in the US. We thank the Lord for good health and God's protection in our travels. Pray that we will be instruments in God's hand to encourage people in their walk with the Lord and challenge them to be committed to Jesus Christ and world evangelism.

Jonathan & Denielle Johnson – Santa Catarina
  “Pastor, I have some questions.” So goes the typical greeting from several gals who have been growing in the Lord and bringing all kinds of questions about the Bible to church functions and home visits. Pray for Alice, Duda and Fabi to keep growing in the Lord and hungering to know God´s Word.

Ellie Driesenga  – Sapiranga
  Thank you for all who prayed for our VBS. It was moved to October, so please continue to pray as we prepare over the next few months. Also continue to pray for those I am discipling: Marcela, Gaby, Sabrina, Ane, Regina, Julia, Mariana, Neusa, and for my health - which has been a real challenge over the last few months.

Jim & Lydia Johnson – Morada Nova
  We praise the Lord that the members of the Morada Nova Church are now meeting in their own building. Pray for their pastor, Natanael, as he takes over the leadership of the Morada Nova Church. Pray for us as we begin furlough ministry.

Bruce & Lee Ann Nichols – Church Planters in Itapuã, Salvador, Bahia
  While in Egypt for our daughter Grace's marriage to Samuel, we praise God for opportunities He gave us to proclaim the gospel during our 12 days in Cairo. Pray that their marriage relationship would be a good picture of the relationship between Christ and His church.

Nova Metropole Bible Church – Lucy Lieb
  Praise for two sessions of VBS - one in a nearby housing project, and the second at the church. I am very thankful for the leadership abilities of various young people in the church.

Wendell & Florence Ann Hayden – Retired
  This month promises to be one of celebrations for us with two family reunions, both in Iowa. The first one will be a one-day gathering on Wendell's side and later for two days with Florence Ann's siblings and their families. Our last time to do so was 12 years ago. Most live in Iowa but some will come from Oregon, Nebraska and Missouri. We're trusting the Lord for His blessing on all who attend and that Christ will be seen through those of us who know Him as Saviour and Lord.

Harold & Ruth Green – Retired
  With all praise to the Lord, this month we celebrate our 57th year of togetherness in loving and cherishing. Oh, the faithfulness of our God and Father in keeping us in the hollow of His hand through the valleys of life as well as the higher plains!  We are deeply grateful to the Lord for the privilege of being with Tim, our first-born, and his wife last month in celebration of his birth-day and those special moments of worshiping together as family. We continue to praise the Lord, that in His goodness, He gives us ongoing ministry to our mission families.

Dave & Nancy Eldert – Maceio, Alagoas
  Praise that the Bible church in Marcos, CE, celebrated its 50th anniversary the end of July. They are so thankful to have Neidson (an ABI grad) as their pastor.
Pray for continued growth. It is a difficult ministry among people who are very catholic. Praise for a good Priscila School in Jijoca with 26 students. We had 4 who finished the beginning cycle, 5 who finished the advanced, and one who finished the final cycle. Wellington and Lidia are doing an excellent job as directors.

Priscila School – Teacher Training for Women
  Praise for the schools held in Jijoca, and Limoeiro. Pray as we are planning the session for Fortaleza in January, 2018.

Chris & Jana Disler – Finance Director 
  We would appreciate your prayers as our family makes a 13 hour trip to drop our oldest child off for her first year of Bible college in Wyoming.  I would also appreciate prayers as I begin pre-
paring the financial reports for the BGFM Board Meeting in September.

SIBIMA Seminary – Fortaleza
  Classes started July 31 with a week-long seminar with Dave Dawson on discipleship.

BGFM Home Office  ~ Secretary 
   Due to a broken copier, the July Prayer Guide just barely got stuffed, labelled, and mailed out to you all on time. Thank God, with me, for these very actively retired missionaries and friends of BGFM, who graciously lent me their hands, and that our copier has since been fixed.

BGFM Prayer Requests and Praises for:

We appreciate your prayers.  Thank you!

August, 2017
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