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Al, Nadine & Alisa Pierschbacher – Fortaleza/Pacoti
  Praise the Lord for the excellent Carnaval Family Bible Conference (pictures above) attended by over 150, with all rooms occupied and many families touched by the messages on Living in the Power of the Gospel!  Praise God for many new believers!  Pray for furlough plans for all three of us; we hope to be in the US in early March.

Bruce & Lee Ann Nichols – Salvador, Bahia / US
  We plan on arriving in Los Angeles on March 2nd for the beginning of our US ministry. Lord willing, we will begin by attending a Missions and Shepherds Conference. We are looking forward to reporting on the great things the Lord has done in Northeast Brazil and personally thanking our supporters. Pray that we will be a blessing to our family during our visit in the US. Pray that God would be glorified and that He would continue to equip us for His service.

Helio & Shirlei Costa de Sousa - Sapiranga
  February 6th marked the anniversary of our first year with BGFM! We praise God for all He has done in our lives; every day we feel His presence. We thank God for time spent recently with our whole family, and for the faithfulness of the churches, brothers and BGFM who are with us in this ministry to lead sinners to Christ's feet. Please pray for perseverance, courage, and wisdom to make Christ known among the gaucho people and for each family and friend who has responded to the invitation to study the Bible with us.

Mark & Jessica Stucky – Sapiranga / US
  The busy furlough schedule and constant traveling has brought with it some challenges in terms of health for our boys. As we look to continue presenting the ministry and encouraging our brothers and sisters in Christ through the Word in the LA area and the Midwest (Iowa, Michigan, Kentucky, and Illinois), please pray for health, strength, and endurance. God has also granted us some special times with unbelieving family members. Please join us in praying for the salvation of Jess's mom, dad, and brother.

Larry & Ruth Lipka – Retired
  Pray for smooth transitions and encouragement for several Brazilian families who have recently moved to other states or countries to minister. Pray for direction for others who are looking to serve the Lord in new fields. Pray for Dave and Ronda (our daughter) and their three children who are visiting in Brazil and will be traveling home March 13th.
Ken & Lori Stucky – Mossoro
  Praise the Lord that the new classrooms in the Jr. High building now have a roof, electrical and wall plaster. Please pray for funding to be able to finish the bathrooms.

Chris & Jana Disler – Finance Director
  Thank you for your prayers this past month as I prepared documents for our four year audit review. The process went relatively smoothly, for which I am thankful. Please be in prayer for our daughter Alicia who will be on a missions trip to the Grand Canyon area working with native Americans during the week of the 12th. Pray for safety and for many good opportunities to share the hope of Christ.

Adam & Hosanna Lancaster – Maceió / US
  We are leaving for our first furlough on March 14th. Please pray for all the details to fall into place. Please also pray for Hosanna’s high-risk pregnancy and our unborn baby girl, “G”.   : )

Ellie Driesenga  – Sapiranga
  The year has officially begun here in Rio Grande do Sul. Pray as I have Bible studies with 3 girls this semester: Gabrielly, Angela, and Marcela. Pray as we plan the teen retreat for April 20-22; we have lots of details to work through. Also pray for the Campo Bom Church’s family camp March 31- April 1.

Ron & Nancy Johnson – Antioch Bible Institute / US
  Praise that even though we are in the US we were able to print 3000 evangelistic booklets in Portuguese which are being used in a hospital ministry and other ministries in Brazil. We are thankful for the hard work of our daughter, Libby and others there. Praise that Rosie is back from her trip to help refugees. Please pray for an unplanned trip that Ron will be making to Brazil this month to work on documents, some of which were lost by government officials and need to be redone. Pray also that Ron will be able to encourage Brazilian pastors he will be visiting. We appreciate your continued prayers for Nancy as she fights cancer. Praise also that we were not hurt recently when we hit a deer on our way to church.

Jim & Lydia Johnson – Morada Nova
  We praise the Lord for a safe arrival in Brazil and finding less stuff stolen than we expected. We thank the Lord for the opportunities of Carnaval retreat at Maanaim. Pray for the Jaguaribe pastoral team as we consider ministry in the Valley, especially with regards to Maicom and Fabio. 

Joe & Jeanie Stucky – Mossoro
  Please pray for three couples: 1 Augusto and Bete, (both professing believers) are having marriage and family conflicts. They both need to submit themselves to the Lord. 2 Giselda's unsaved ex-husband is making unreasonable demands on her. He is unwilling to work and puts pressure on her and their children to support him. He refuses to move out of her house so she has moved in with her daughter (not a good long-term plan). Pray for Giselda to have wisdom from the Lord and find solutions to these problems. 3 Aparecida's unsaved husband, José, needs prostate surgery; they have no insurance. Pray that he will be able to have the surgery, for Aparecida to remain strong in the Lord and be a shining light, and for José's salvation.

Jonathan & Denielle Johnson – Santa Catarina
  As we begin to make plans for our fur-lough later this year, please pray for wisdom and discernment. We are also thankful to receive a visit from Denielle’s cousin and family this month. Please pray for Justin, Megan, their daughter Lucy and their time with us. Pray that we could be a blessing to them.

Roger & Crystal Johansen – Maceió
  Pray for our packing, for our house to sell, and for wisdom. Pray for the salvation of Fernando, Valerio and Edison.

Dave & Connie Johnson – Piedmont Int’l University
   Praise for God's goodness and provision through supporters who faithfully pray for us. Praise God for those joining the team to prepare an online M.A. in Ministry course in Portuguese; pray for wisdom and patience as the launch date has been postponed due to some challenging issues. Praise for God's continued blessings at the Camocim, Sítio Boatã, and Horizonte churches. Pray for health concerns for immediate family, parents and dear friends. Pray for God's direction regarding opportunities and resources for Jeffrey and Darlene. Praise God that David's mother is free from all pain and in Heaven; she left her earthly body February 14th.

Wendell & Florence Ann Hayden – Retired
  We thank the Lord for the special blessing of contact with Evan, whom we last saw 7 years ago when he attended Good News Club as a 5th grader. Through Facebook, we learned he's now a high school senior, living for the Lord and looking forward to Bible college in the Fall. As a child, the Lord used Evan's godly grandmother to teach him the Word. We are praying that Evan will know the Lord's will for his life and continue to faithfully follow Him.

Ron & Ranelle Stucky – Mossoro
  Praise the Lord for seven people who plan to obey the Lord through baptism on March 11th. Ron has been working through discipleship material with them for months. Pray for them to give clear testimonies of salvation and for continued spiritual growth in each of their lives.

Elisabeth Anderson – Maceió
  Pray that people would be faithful to follow through with spiritual decisions made during Carnival retreat. Please pray for wisdom and clarity as I continue to study the Bible with Alessandra, Bárbara, Eduarda, Renata, and Sarha.

Philip & Rachel Stucky – Campo Bom / US
  Pray for wisdom for Philip as he continues to travel to seminaries, seeking educational partnerships for our Brazilian theological institutions. Pray that we would be a blessing as we visit supporters and churches in the Pacific Northwest.

Dan & Linda Anderson  - Executive Director
  Frontier School of the Bible’s Spring Missions Conference  - Praise the Lord for a student, Birch, who would like to serve for 8 months as an intern in Brazil with BGFM. Another student, Alicia, (our Finance Director’s daughter) desires to serve short-term with a focus on needy children.

Harold & Ruth Green – Retired
  We are so grateful to the Lord for the gift of health the Lord gives each day. We pray for the several mission families that are traveling to the US this month for Home Assignment, involving traveling, housing arrangements, vehicle and transportation needs and scheduling meetings with support teams.

Jerry & Bev Lehrman – Antioch Bible institute
   We praise the Lord for Brazilian teachers and board members that are involved in training leaders at Antioch Bible Institute. There are 6 men on the Board of Directors, and 7 pastors who are teaching classes this semester. Pray that we can all be focused and unified in preparing these future pastors, missionaries, and church leaders for the Lord's work.

BGFM Home Office
   BGFM missionaries, MKs, donors, and prayer partners will be traveling here for meetings and Friends & Family Night on April 6, 2018. Pray for travel safety and a good time of fellowship to be had by all. Thank you for the important role you play in all of these ministries! If you plan to join us for Friends & Family Night please RSVP:

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March, 2018
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