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Jim & Lydia Johnson – Morada Nova
  We rejoice to be a part of Antioch Bible Insti-tute graduation ceremony for Michael (pictured) on June 2nd. Pray with us for Michael as he returns with us to the Valley. He will be ministering in both the Morada Nova and Alto Santo churches. Pray for scheduling and for him to be an encouragement to Pastor Raimundo in Alto Santo and to Pastor Natanael in Morada Nova during our absence on furlough.

Ron & Nancy Johnson – Antioch Bible Institute
  Praise God for great attendance at a Mother's Day evangelistic outreach in Cajueirinho. Praise God also for 8 students planning to graduate from Antioch Bible Institute on June 2nd. Please pray for the students, for the Institute and also the ministry beginning in Cajueirinho.

Adam & Hosanna Lancaster – Maceio                        
  We will be in the US for Adam’s sister’s wedding on June 3rd. We plan on visiting a few churches and spending quality time with family. Please pray for safe travels.

Bruce & Lee Ann Nichols – Church Planters in Itapuã, Salvador, Bahia    
  We praise the Lord for the forty years of His grace in our marriage and that on the weekend of our anniversary Bruce has the opportunity to preach in a church to married couples. Pray that these families will live for the glory of God in their intimate relationships and raise their children in the fear and admonition of the Word of the Lord. Lord willing, we will travel to Egypt this June to be with our daughter Grace and her fiancé Samuel on their wedding day, July 6th. Pray for God’s grace and wisdom to be with them during their preparation and marriage union.

Roger & Crystal Johansen – Maceio
  Pray for our intern who will spend the next two months with us in Maceio. Pray for our son Joshua; he will be working in Mexico for two months. Pray for Jordan as he works hard to pay for another year of college. Pray for Jonathan as he finishes his last year in Brazil and prepares to move to the States. Pray for Juliana and James to grow in their love for God and others. Thanks for praying for our family.

Requested from a BGFM missionary on the field
  “The economy in Brazil is bad; many of our ministries are suffering. Pray, with us, that the Brazilian believers will give to some of the projects and that they will see that it is God who provides, not the Americans.”

Ken & Lori Stucky – Mossoro
  Our ministry at ALPHA school brings us into daily contact with families facing desperate situations. Pray for: 1. the recruitment of more sponsors for needy students, 2. wisdom to wisely select families to assist, and 3. com-passionate hearts - even though we are constantly exposed to more needs than we can possibly attend to.

Larry & Ruth Lipka – Retired
  Praise the Lord for the safe delivery of Maya Lipka Prudencio, daughter of Marcus and Renee and our eighth grandchild. It is a blessing to be here in Brazil helping them at this time. Praise for the opportunity Ruth has to do a Bible Study with a couple of young ladies and for Larry's opportunities to preach. Praise for being able to share the gospel with unsaved friends who came to see Maya. We are looking forward to visiting several ministries and especially the graduation at the Bible Institute. Pray for these young people as they seek God's direction for ministry.
Joe & Jeanie Stucky – Home Assignment
  We thank the Lord for the joy of spending time with our U.S. grandchildren.  We attended Brian and Andrew's graduation, Grace’s chorale program and Brian's recital. We also toured the Sterling Correctional Facility in Colorado where Jessica works, helping run two libraries. Pray for all of them to be sensitive to God's leading in their lives and to obey Him fully.

Bill & Sandi Graf – BGFM Rep’s (RGBI)
  June is our anniversary month, praise God for 52 years together. Pray for the resolution of those things impeding the progress of the radio tower construction, the removal of the abandoned gas well on the school property, and the occupancy of the new married student apartments.

Silver Lake Bible Camp
  Please pray for the Silver Lake Bible Camp’s board and committee. They are going through difficult times because the structure of some of the buildings has deteriorated to such an extent that they cannot be used until repaired. However, there is not enough money at this time to repair these buildings. They have to work with two different governmental organizations to get the barge and the waste system in order. They would appreciate prayers because it doesn't matter which government you are working with - it is always a challenge.

Dave & Connie Johnson – Home Assignment
  Praise God for allowing us to have a part in the preparation of an online Master's level Theology course in Portuguese. Pray that the translation process will go smoothly. Praise God for each team member and their heart to serve Him. Pray for a solution for Connie's leg pains and for Darlene to find employment.

Jonathan & Denielle Johnson – Santa Catarina
  We are grateful that no one was home last month when our coworker’s home was robbed. However, their car was taken from the garage where it was parked. They are finishing up their furlough in the states. Please pray for the recovery of the car and for their plans in the coming weeks.

Dave & Nancy Eldert – Maceio, Alagoas
  We are thankful for your prayers concerning the one-day strike. There were no repercussions here in our city of Maceio - though in some cities buses were burned and other problems occurred. Please continue to pray for our government.
  We started a kids' club last Saturday and eight kids attended (which is twice as many as we expected); we are going through the wordless book. Pray with us as we minister to these children - two are the grandchildren of the lady in whose house we meet. Their father, her son, needs Christ.

Harold & Ruth Green – Retired
  Summer is finally here and with school out, opportunities abound for our BGFM staff and furloughing missionaries to participate in summer camps. We pray for fruit in the lives of those to whom our BGFM personnel minister the Word. Our lives revolve around being greeters at our Biblical Counseling Center and also in working through a biblical counseling course in this month and next in an effort to be of greater service to our Lord in the lives of those we touch.

Brazilian Missionaries – Helio & Shirlei Costa de Sousa
  Please pray for our family’s health, adaptation, and spiritual growth. We are beginning a Bible study in our home; pray that the Lord would send more people. We are already working with some people who can help us begin. Our financial situation has been very difficult, but we trust in the God we serve.

Ron & Ranelle Stucky – Mossoro
  The new database system at school is beginning to yield positive results, but there is still much work to be done to get everything running smoothly. There is also the backlog of many things that were put on the back burner during this transition. Pray for efficient work finishing this transition and catching up on other things. Pray also for godly vision for our church as we step up efforts to reach the lost in our community.

Elisabeth Anderson – BGFM  Short -Termer
  Praise God with me that He has provided the opportunity for me to return to Brazil this summer. Lord-willing, I will spend a year in the city where I grew up, Maceió. Please pray as I seek to serve the churches there however I can; most likely this will be in children's ministry, discipleship, music, and women's ministries.

Philip & Rachel Stucky – Campo Bom
  The Lord has been challenging our South Brazil churches toward missions. Our third annual all area churches Missions Con-ference will be held from June 30-July 2nd. Pray for God’s leading in the lives of Jordan, Alaor and Samantha, Mateus, Josue, and Tais as they seek His will in full-time missionary service.

Chris & Jana Disler – Finance Director
  Pray for our family as we make all of the preparations to send our oldest child, Alicia, off to college in the Fall.

Dan & Linda Anderson – Executive Director
  I recently returned home from a trip to Brazil where I attended tons of meetings with our leadership team and national leaders. Praise God with us that the partnership with Piedmont, offering an online Masters of Ministry in Portuguese, is progressing. We believe that this could impact not only the churches in our immediate sphere, but also all churches throughout the Portuguese-speaking world!

Wendell & Florence Ann Hayden – Retired
  It’s been a special privilege to me (Florence Ann) to teach the missionary stories this school year, and last month’s missionary time was extra special! At the close of one of the stories I asked, “Maybe one of you children feels like the Lord might have you be a missionary when you grow up.” Two children, Alec and Aubrey, responded and we read Jesus’ command in Matthew 28:19-20. Eight-year-old Alec told me, “I always wanted to be a soccer player, but now I feel God wants me to be a missionary!” Alec is one who pays close attention during club and already has a good grasp on Scripture. What a way to finish our Good News Club this year!

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June, 2017
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