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BGFM Annual Field Conference
  Almost one hundred missionaries and MKs descended upon the southern Brazil city of Floria-nopolis. The purpose was fellowship and time being challenged from God’s Word. We thank God for safety for all, including a handful of believers from a church in Hot Springs, SD that helped with the programming. Also pray for numerous couples that are in the support-raising process. In God’s perfect timing, they will be opening new fields for us in Portugal, and 4 large metropolitan areas in Brazil.

Harold & Ruth Green – Retired 
  In the goodness of the Lord, we plan to spend this month in Washington with family and have the privilege of visiting our support team in that area. We will have occasion to be with our three un-saved grandchildren, trusting for unique opportunities through the power of the gospel. We praise the Lord for the very special blessings upon our mission families through the refreshing and enrich-ing field conference late last month.

Jonathan & Denielle Johnson – Santa Catarina
  We are thankful for the opportunity to share with the mission family during BGFM’s annual conference, this year held in our area in Sept-ember. Praise God with us for his goodness during these days together as a mission family. Carter turns 7 on October 4th; please take an opportunity to praise God for his life. Pray that he would grow to understand that life with Christ is better.

Bruce & Lee Ann Nichols – Church Planters in Itapuã, Salvador, Bahia
  We praise the Lord for the fellowship we have with one another because of the Lord Jesus Christ who has made us one. Pray for the gathering of families of the Church of Jesus Christ from the state of Alagoas (October 11-15). Pray for wisdom from above as these men study God’s Word together and make decisions for the glory of the Lord in the churches. Pray for Bruce who will be preaching in several of the area churches during the week.

SIBIMA Seminary – Fortaleza
  Pray for the Creation Research week, October 9 – 13 and for plans for construction.

Ellie Driesenga  – Sapiranga
  We have some special things this month. October 7 is Samanta's bridal shower! Then the next week, October 12-15, we are having our modified VBS in Campo Bom. Please pray there would be a good group of kids and that their lives would be impacted by the lessons learned from God's Word.

Adam & Hosanna Lancaster – Maceio
  Pray for our annual Pastors’ Retreat on the 11th -12th.  On Saturday the 13th   we also plan to do a special event at the orphanage for Children's Day (Oct 12th in Brazil).

Lucy Jane Lieb – Fortaleza
  Pray as I'm looking for someone to transition in to be the director of the Priscila School.

Jerry & Bev Lehrman – Antioch Bible institute
  Pray for the ministry of music at Antioch Bible Institute. Jerry directs both the vocal choir and hand-bell choir, and we are preparing for several programs during this semester in various locations in our region of the state. Pray for the students to have true zeal and commitment to pre-paring the music and serving the Lord this way. Pray also for a music module planned for mid-October at ABI to encourage and challenge local churches to excellence in their music ministry.

Larry & Ruth Lipka – Retired
  In mid-October we will be participating in a Mission’s Weekend at Sunbury Bible Church in PA. Pray that young people will be challenged to serve the Lord. Pray for the salvation of our son-in-law’s parents, Ivan and Franci, and also for Ivan’s health as he has recently been hospital-

Roger & Crystal Johansen – Maceio
  In October we will have a pastors’ retreat. Pray that the families of the pastors be encouraged. Pray for Pastor Joao to grow in grace and wisdom as he leads the Ponta Verde work and for the salvation of Fernando and Fernanda.

Ron & Nancy Johnson – Antioch Bible Institute
  Praise the Lord for 3 Bible Institute students who are making short missionary trips in the next few months. Two have just graduated; Jeferson is leaving for Cape Green, Africa in a few days, and Eleni, who will go to the Amazon in northern Brazil in January, also remember Mailton, a cur-rent student who will be making a trip to Guiana in December. Please pray for these students and also other recent graduates seeking the Lord's will for their next step. Please continue to pray for Brazilian missionary Darlene Alencar, who is continuing cancer treatment/chemotherapy. Her tumor has shrunk to a large extent and we are all hopeful that the next treatment will take care of it. Thank you so much for praying!

Wendell & Florence Ann Hayden – Retired
  Good News clubs are up and going - ours at Voy Spears began September 13. I can't deny the twinge I feel in my heart because I can only follow it this year from a distance. Yet, I know it's God's plan that I care for my husband at home. We still need one extra worker for our club this year and ask you to pray for this need. Other clubs have the same need. Thank you for your prayers.

Joe & Jeanie Stucky – Mossoro
  Pray that as we come alongside folks from our church and school community on a one- on-one basis or in small groups we will be able to help the unsaved see their need for the Saviour and help the believers grow and become involved in evangelism.

Mark & Jessica Stucky – Sapiranga
  Praise the Lord for the faithfulness of those attending the weekly Bible Study on Tues-day nights here in Sapiranga. We recently completed a simple 4 lesson Gospel presentation from the Gospel of John with the goal of each member presenting this study to an un-believing friend, co-worker, or family mem-ber. Pray that God would open the doors for each member of the study to accept this challenge and share the good news of salvation!

Philip & Rachel Stucky – Campo Bom
  We praise the Lord for a profitable Estancia Velha church missions conference.  Pray for Gustavo, one our conference speakers who will be leaving this month for a two year internship in the Czech Republic. He desires to serve the Lord as a missionary in Northern Europe.

Priscila School – Teacher Training for Women
  Pray as we prepare for the January, 2018 session and for students to begin enrolling.

Dave & Connie Johnson – Piedmont Int’l University
  Praise God for a good translation team and for His bountiful provision. The first online Master of Arts course, Hermeneutics, has been translated and the next has been started. Connie and I enjoy proofreading and correcting the translated material, but the volume of work requires additional helpers, so we're praying that the Lord will supply this need. Pray for a job for Darlene, for our dental needs as several recently done teeth have fallen out or broken, and for Connie's health needs.

Ron & Ranelle Stucky – Mossoro
  We thank God for opportunities to teach His Word to people of all ages in various settings.
Pray for wisdom in time management and preparations so we can make the most of each opportunity. Caleb is a Senior; pray for him as he finishes high school and makes big decisions regarding college next year.

Al & Nadine Pierschbacher – Fortaleza/Pacoti
  PTL for Macello and Priscila Fortes, who are serving in the NHBTC positions of Program Manager and Administrative Coordinator. We have many challenges ahead of us, so pray for wisdom as we begin to transition this ministry to Brazilian leadership, and as we seek to bring on an experienced Brazilian church-planter and Bible Study leader. Pray for more laborers as we seek to open the Palmacia and Guaramiranga fields. Praise the Lord for new believers Alison and Camila. Pray for Monica, Michelle, Audira and the people in the suburb of Beautiful View, where Alisa's children's ministry is, to be saved. Pray as we seek wisdom for when to furlough.

Dave & Nancy Eldert – Maceio, Alagoas
  We are thankful for Geve and Sandra's faithfulness in providing their house for our meetings at Novo Jardim. We have Wednesday night prayer/ Bible study and Saturday afternoon kids' club there. Pray as we endeavor to reach out to the neighborhood.

Bill & Sandi Graf – BGFM Rep’s (RGBI)
  Many times Jesus said to his hearers, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear." He stressed the need to really listen. People are bombarded with information daily, including the needs for workers in God's fields. Pray that there will be those we encounter who will truly "hear."

Dan & Linda Anderson – Executive Director
  Thank God with us for safe travels as Dan joined the BGFM family in Brazil for our annual Bible Conference. Dan also visited our eldest, Elisabeth, in Maceio. Thank God for the ministry opportunities He has opened for her in disciple-ship, and training believers for music ministries and teaching in their local churches.

Chris & Jana Disler – Finance Director
  Alicia is adjusting well to college; thank you for praying. David now has a drivers’ license, which is a great help to the family. Pray that he will drive as safely by himself as he has this past year while driving with us.

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October, 2017
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