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Ellie Driesenga  – Sapiranga
  Please pray for those who will be baptized on December 10th; Gabrielly (pictured), who I am discipling, is one!!! It is exciting to see her grow spiritually! Also pray for our Christmas programs and get-togethers, that we would have opportunities to share Jesus. Merry Christmas to each of you and thank you so much for your prayers!

Bruce & Lee Ann Nichols –  Itapuã, Salvador, Bahia
  In 2008 the Lord brought Idelfonso and family to our church. Nine months later while, packing for ministry in the US, Idelfonso came over and said to Bruce, "I was raised going to church but for these last nine months I had a pastor for the first time in my life. Never did a pastor visit me in my home, yet you not only came weekly but taught my family the Word of God." When we left the Caucaia Bible Church to move to Salvador, Bahia, there were three men preaching the Word of God alongside pastor Zezinho. One was Idelfonso. The pastor has called us to be present for his installation on the ninth as one of the pastors of the church. Praise the Lord for God's grace and pray that Idelfonso will continue to proclaim the Word of God with humility and boldness for the glory of the Lord.

Mark & Jessica Stucky – Sapiranga / US
  Praise the Lord for His guiding hand and pro-vision during our first term as missionaries. December 12th we will be flying back to the USA for furlough. Please pray for safe travels and a time of refreshment and mutual encouragement over the next few months.

Adam & Hosanna Lancaster – Maceio
  Pray for evangelistic opportunities during the Christmas season; many programs are being organized. We also have two church Christmas parties which will be hosted at our house on the 16th; a women’s get-together in the afternoon, and a youth group party at night. Lots of cookies to bake!

Philip & Rachel Stucky – Campo Bom / US
  We are preparing for a short home assignment in the United States in mid-December and would appreciate your prayers as we wrap up ministry in the Estancia Velha church.  Pray for wisdom for Tony, Vilmar, and James as they continue to shepherd the flock and seek God's direction for a full-time pastor for the church.

Jerry & Bev Lehrman – Antioch Bible institute
  Praise for the opportunity Bev has had to teach the Bible Lesson for the Awana Club here at our local church for the past semester. There are usually 50 - 60 children attending. Pray that we would see more decisions for salvation and children desiring to grow spiritually. Pray also for us that we can always be ready to serve in any ministry where God calls us to.

Jim & Lydia Johnson – Morada Nova  / US
  We thank the Lord for good reports about the Maanaim youth retreat, including some baptisms from the Quixeré church.  We are also thankful for the opportunities of stateside ministry in several churches and the ability to spend this holiday season with family.   

Joe & Jeanie Stucky – Mossoro
  Lucineide, one of the members of our church and a teacher at Alpha has several serious eye problems, including tear duct and eyelash issues and cysts or tumors. The Dr. has prescribed treatment for her to do at home, including warm compresses, salve, eye vitamins and lubrication drops in her eyes every 4 hours. Pray for her to faithfully do all that is required and that the treatment will have the desired effect so she won't need surgery.

Dave & Connie Johnson – Piedmont Int’l University
  It was a blessing to hear from André, a young man in Camocim, who wrote recently to thank us for "not giving up on him," and to let us know he has returned to the Lord. Pray that he will grow spiritually. Praise God that Connie, Jeff, and Darlene were able to spend a month in Brazil for urgent dental care, among other things. Continue praying for the translation of the online course; there have been some changes on the team, as the main translator was unable to continue. Pray for wisdom and that God may provide competent and faithful helpers.

Ken & Lori Stucky – Mossoro
  Our year-end construction project is to build two additional classrooms to serve for church ministry and Jr. High school classrooms. Please pray for the provision of needed funds and for safety over the next seventy-five days of intense labor.

Larry & Ruth Lipka – Retired
  Praise the Lord for His faithfulness throughout this year. Pray for Marcus & Renee concerning opportunities to share the Gospel with their English students. Pray for their teaching ministry in their local church.

Brazilian Missionaries Helio & Shirlei Costa de Sousa
  We are grateful that many unbelievers joined us for the first service at Taquara and for every person that God has sent to our Bible studies to hear the Word. Please pray for the first service in Nova Hartz in December, that many of our regular attenders and guests will come, for provision of the resources necessary to start these services, and for the involvement of the church and the brothers.

Chris & Jana Disler – Finance Director 
  Please be in prayer for the many Brazilian churches who will be holding special Christmas outreach services this month. Pray that many would put their faith in Jesus Christ during this Christmas season. We are thankful that the Lord has provided for Alicia to fly home from college to spend her winter break with us.

Bill & Sandi Graf – BGFM Rep’s (RGBI)
  Pray that we will be able to prepare apart-ments and buildings for next semester even with a shortage of help.

Brazilian Missionaries  Kelso & Karen Clark 
  Karen's mother (Lourdes) had a serious health problem due to her "chiari synd-rome”, and was in ICU for three weeks. However, on Monday, Nov 13, she had surgery and, in spite of all probability, it was a success! (We know who her real "Doctor" was - our Lord Jesus!) Unfortunately, due to this, Karen's master's project was interrupted - in the very final step! Now she is trying the obtain permission to postpone it for few months; if it is denied all the efforts she had in these two last years will be lost! Please pray for this, and that our God will renew her strength in the challenges she's been facing.

Wendell & Florence Ann Hayden – Retired
  Most of you know of Wendell's memory problem. I have been very grateful to the Lord to be able to care for him at home. However, it may be necessary to seek further help as his health worsens. Please pray for the Lord's leading and timing as we look to Him for guidance. Thank you for praying.

Dan & Linda Anderson – Executive Director
  Two of our children are now overseas - Elisabeth in Maceió, Brazil; and Micah in Kampala, Uganda. Neither will be home for the holidays. We are grateful for their obedience to God’s leading in their lives, but also aware of the empty places at our table. Please pray for their safety and for contentment with God’s perfect plan.

Jonathan & Denielle Johnson – Santa Catarina
  We were thankful for the decision that the Igreja Batista Redenção made last month to step out by faith and begin building their own building. Please pray for this project to be a blessing to the church family and the community as they watch us build!

Ron & Ranelle Stucky – Mossoro
  We have the most important and exciting news in the world; God loves us and Jesus saves! School registration is in full swing this month, and there are church events too. Pray for us to never be too busy to remember to be thankful and share this great news.

Harold & Ruth Green – Retired
  Nearing the close of this calendar year stirs reflections upon the wondrous ways of our God... His unfathomable love, even when failing Him; His forgiveness and cleansing through the shed blood of Jesus; His unfailing faithfulness in His goodness, mercy and grace! What marvelous anticipation of God's enveloping care as we enter into a new year of living for His glory and the contemplation of embarking upon additional ministry opportunities, especially in the area of biblical counseling.

From the BGFM Home Office –
  Thank you for your faithful prayers on behalf of the missionaries and ministries of BGFM. We thank God for you.

Have a blessed Christmas!

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December, 2017
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