Paul and Elaine while working with the
Antioch Bible Institute in BRAZIL.
Antioch Bible Institute graduate Josafá is now pastor in Camocim, where we worked for many years. He and his wife Ana Celia, also an ABI grad, have no children of their own, but feel that God has sent them to children of many unsaved parents. Here he has an opportunity to explain the Gospel to pupils in a public school.

Pictures like these from alumni of Antioch Bible Institute help us pray for them as they tell what the Bible teaches in places far from us.

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Served in Brazil from
April 1952 until April 2007

Elaine Syers
    4809 Creek Wood Court,  Gainesville, GA 30507

In February, 2014 Paul went home to be with the Lord. His dementia had caused him to be
confused, for several years, about who we were and why we wanted him to take a bath, etc.

About a year after this picture was taken, in 1945, 
Paul was saved while still in the
United States Army.

This was an old dirt-floored storeroom, which Paul made into a home
for Antioch Bible Institute married couples.
He asked the Lord to change his old way of thinking and after his 4 yrs in Bible school and my nurses' training,  we went to Brazil. Up until he was more than 85 years old he was active in teaching and working with the Antioch Bible Institute students in  construction projects.
Our daughter Julie and her husband John, along with the hospice nurses helped me with Paul's day-by-day care so we were able to keep him here in our home.

Julie wrote about her dad: : My Dad was such a handsome,
fun-loving man. To this day if I start whistling, I can't help but immediately get a warm sense spread over me. He whistled and sang a lot. The whistling stopped with his dementia, but the singing did not. We sang everyday together, and when he stopped singing that last week, I just continued singing for him.

Family picture, taken in 1958
Southern View Chapel in Springfield, IL hosted the memorial service for Paul and we enjoyed the memories of so many MK’s as they told about things “Uncle Paul“ had done. It really was a happy time, even in our grief.

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