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Paul and Elaine while working with the
Antioch Bible Institute in BRAZIL.
ll health brought us to Georgia in April 2007 near our daughters and their families. The apartment they found for us to rent near them looks out on a forest of trees.. Here we are sitting with Larry Lipka when he and Ruth visited us.
BUT THEN Paul caught his sandal on the pedal of a bike, and spent a month in the hospital recovering from a broken hip.
Our daughter Phyllis brought Elaine to visit.
Now Paul is recovering from his fall, learning to walk without his walker.
Here he is with granddaughter Chloe.
We celebrated his 90th birthday on
May 20, 2008.
Antioch Bible Institute graduate Josafá is now pastor in Camocim, where we worked for many years. He and his wife Ana Celia, also an ABI grad, have no children of their own, but feel that God has sent them to children of many unsaved parents. Here he has an opportunity to explain the Gospel to pupils in a public school.

Pictures like these from alumni of Antioch Bible Institute help us pray for them as they tell what the Bible teaches in places far from us.


Served in Brazil from
April 1952 until April 2007

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